Tuesday, 24 May 2011

First Steps Series, Getting Started with Android

My First Steps guides are intended to assist those new to Android development. I thought I should have an index of them all, so here it is.

1. Welcome to Android Elements
A welcome and how to get started with links to good resources.

2. Android Building Blocks
The basics of how an app is structured.

3. My First Android Project
Walkthrough of building your first project; a simple app with a button.

4. My Second Android Project
Extending the simple app using addition controls and settings.

5. Common Pitfalls
Common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

6. Android Project Structure in Eclipse
An overview of the structure of an Android project within Eclipse.

7. Introduction to Styles
Simple guide to using styles when building an app.

8. Introducing Themes
Expansion of introduction to styles into themes.

9. Passing values to an Activity
Simple example of passing values into an Activity using an Intent.

10. Returning values from an Activity
Simple example of returning a value from an Activity.

I will continue to add to the series over time,


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